A Break in the Action Podcast Artwork Image

A Break in the Action

Ryan Doughty

Our days are busy. Professional, family and personal obligations fill our schedules. You’re invited to take A Break in the Action of your day and escape to a place filled with sights of highly figured walnut and rich, vibrant case-color hardening. Intoxicating scents of wood smoke in the fall from a perfectly laid fire and spent shotshells fill the air. The only deals we broker are for new-to-us shotguns and our only appointments are to chilly mornings and impatient bird dogs. Here, our currency is memories and we consider ourselves wealthy.  

The goal here is simple, to provide a place to escape, a place to learn, a place to reminisce and a place to relax - be it through our podcast or social sites. Our focus will reliably be on vintage and modern shotguns, best-in-quality gear, accessories, and the experiences that make up the sporting lifestyle.

Our days are busy… Take A Break in the Action.